Tailor Made Installation

If your building tests above 4.0 picocuries per liter (or you want a system designed anyway), we’ll custom design a mitigation system for you, with full pricing and a detailed description of our recommendations.

Our team of specialists (the highest certification) will consider the aesthetic of your building, as well as the most effective mitigation method available with your constraints.

An average residential system will take less than one day to install.

Before we leave, we’ll set another test (to be picked up in 48 hours or more) to ensure we hit our goal of reducing your family’s radon exposure. Then we’ll show you how to monitor the system with the same frequency you change your furnace filter.

Breathe easy. Our team designs hundreds of successful systems every year.

Kyle Blake
Kyle Blake
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James and the Yeti team are the only ones I will call if I find myself in another 911 situation. Honest people, good work, clean, professional. Everything you want from a contractor, at great prices.