How We Test

When you invite us out for that first short appointment, we’ll find the lowest living area of the building to set-up one or more powered test sets. These small units must remain undisturbed for 48 hours or more, taking one radon reading per hour to establish the average volume of radon in the air you breathe.

Some counties offer free DIY passive radon test kits. These are a great option, but with less key data than a licensed specialist (highest certification available) can extract and use. Our Yeti Radon & Environmental specialists will get you results quickly, and send you the accurate hour-by-hour report we use to establish not just a high point (often during weather fluctuations), but your rolling average.

This detailed information is used to determine the best course of action for your unique situation and property.

Breathe easy. We test over a dozen homes every day.

Kyle Blake
Kyle Blake
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James and the Yeti team are the only ones I will call if I find myself in another 911 situation. Honest people, good work, clean, professional. Everything you want from a contractor, at great prices.